Price list with effect from 06th October 2020

BrandModelEx Showroom PriceOn Road Price
BajajPlatina 100 Alloy ES BS66072375927
BajajPlatina 100 Alloy KS BS65085465099
BajajPlatina 100 ES DISC BS66294478364
BajajPlatina 110 Disc H BS66385979368
BajajCT 100 Alloy KS UG BS64540259117
BajajCT 100 KS Alloy UG BS64694460809
BajajCT 100 Alloy ES BS65206466427
BajajCT 110 Alloy ES UG BS65314667614
BajajCT 110 Alloy KS CBS5024664432
BajajPULSAR 125 DISC BS67986695316
BajajPULSAR 125 DRUM BS67506689549
BajajPULSAR 125 DRUM SPLIT SEAT BS68316298932
BajajPULSAR 125 DISC SPLIT SEAT BS67621890313
BajajPulsar 150 SD BS6101376120592
BajajPulsar 150 TD BS6104531124055
BajajPulsar 150 Neon BS694483113024
BajajPulsar NS 160 TD BS6109651132334
BajajPulsar 180 HF Neon BS6113146136173
BajajPulsar NS 200 BS6131347156355
BajajPulsar RS UG TC 200 BS6152371179484
BajajPulsar RS TC 200 BS6152371179484
BajajPulsar 220F BS6123373147583
BajajAVENGER 160 STREET BS6101222123072
BajajAVENGER 220 CRUISE BS6122758146907
BajajDOMINAR D400 BS6197758238424
BajajDOMINAR D250 BS6165715194164
KTMKTM Duke 390258234305552
KTMKTM Duke 250205440238149
KTMKTM Duke 250 LED HEAD LAMP209600242734
KTMKTM RC 390253511300342
KTMKTM Adventure 390304634356739
KTMKTM RC 200201203233479
KTMKTM Duke 200177165206986
KTMKTM RC 125159949185285
KTMKTM Duke 125142586166197
HUSQVARNAVitpilen 250185088215719
HUSQVARNASvartpilen 250185088215719
PULSAR 125 CDMS DISCOUNT (Rs. 1563/- FOR Rs.2000/- / Rs.1953 FOR Rs.2500/- / Rs.2344 FOR Rs.3000/-)

Note : Separate Spare parts Bill should be make for Pulsar 125 Neon CBS (DH32) & (DH36) for Rs. 1333/- (Helmet 699 + 250 HSRP 2 Nos plate fixing + 384 36DH4231- LEG GUARD LH&RH WITH HARDWARE KIT

Prices ruling at the time of billing alone will be applicable…..

1 year Personal Accident Cover and mandatory 5 year Third Party cover extra and included in on-road price. Personal Accident Cover can be waived if purchased in Company/Institution Name.

For a detailed quote, write to us at Alternatively, you can fill up the Enquiry/Feedback form.

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